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David Tait .info is dedicated to all those super fantastic men that are named David Tait!

David is a Hebrew Name, from the Bible, that means "Beloved!"
Tait is usually of Scottish Origin and comes from a word meaning "Friend!"

Put them together and the world's "Beloved Friend", David Tait, include:

David aLan Tait (Lan - 1954)
Computer and Internet Pioneer who invented the Prepaid Internet Card. A pilot, missionary and humanitarian.

Lan Graduated from North High School in Torrance, California. He is currently working on a project called GAMOT.Net for small businessmen in third world countries like the Philippines to be able to get on the Internet at a low on time cost. GAMOT in the Tagalog language means "Medicine," in Cebuano it means "Root"! Therefore, the "Medicine Root" for the high cost of publishing a small website is the Globally Administered Management Of Technology! - GAMOT.Net

Lan is the web author of DavidTait.Info and also his personal (funny) site at aLanTait.com (his middle name!).

David Tait
The first person to EVER Traverse Mt. Everest, North to South!
He was followed by Phurba Sherpa, the native climber and then by three women from the Philippines. A short list in a world of 6 billion people! And he did it to help abused children!

David Tait
A very accomplished swimmer, and the owner of Evo Swim School in Gilbert, AZ

David James Ira Tait 1976
A man of God that also watches over the forest in California to protect millions of people's air quality.

David Alan Tait, Jr 1989
An outdoors man who holds great hope in being an honest police officer, "to protect and serve". I have a MySpace you can view.

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God Bless!

David Tait